The impossibility of intelligence explosion – François Chollet – Medium

Källa: The impossibility of intelligence explosion – François Chollet – Medium

A flawed reasoning that stems from a misunderstanding of intelligence

The reasoning behind intelligence explosion, like many of the early theories about AI that arose in the 1960s and 1970s, is sophistic: it considers “intelligence” in a completely abstract way, disconnected from its context, and ignores available evidence about both intelligent systems and recursively self-improving systems. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are, after all, on a planet that is literally packed with intelligent systems (including us) and self-improving systems, so we can simply observe them and learn from them to answer the questions at hand, instead of coming up with evidence-free circular reasonings.

Group IQ differs from individual IQ

I have long wondered what it takes for collective intelligence to be better than individual intelligence. Under what circumstances and conditions will a group outperform an individual?

Boston Globe skriver om en studie av Thomas W. Malone, director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence:

Studien har publicerats i Science.
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